“Ladies & Gentlemen, this is the captain speaking…”

You’ve waited a long time for this update and it’s finally here (all that was needed was to force Artem, our CTO, to slave away over the weekends and work 24/7, but who cares about such an inconvenience for him? JK.)

As your reward, we decided to expand Connecto VPN beyond Android OS, as well as  greatly increase the quantity of locations & servers available. However, for more info, check out our new official Vee Security blog, which is filled with, with interesting and useful material.

If we think of Vee Security as a plane, then I’m glad to report that we’ve reached the necessary altitude for cruising speed. Our product has been tested many times (in other words, “all systems functioning normal”) and is ready for practically any situation, including unusual ones.

So please fasten your seat belts and enjoy the flight as we’ve got many interesting things ahead!

Your Captain,
Alexander Litreev,
CEO & co-founder of Vee Security

Connecto VPN and Android now enjoy a true friendship

Over the last several months, we’ve been developing something you’ve been anticipating for a long time. We’re happy to introduce the new Connecto VPN for Android as a simple and comfortable way to protect your traffic and use the Internet  with your mobile phone without any restrictions. Connecto VPN for Android is already available for download via Google Play.

Also we paid some attention to  Connecto VPN for iPhone by fixing some annoying bugs and optimizing its performance. It is also waiting for your download on the App Store.

Six new locations have been added for a fast and secure connection

In addition to the new and updated Connecto VPN clients, we are glad to inform you of new VPN locations in Sweden, Canada, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, and the UK. They are already available to all Connecto VPN users while the price for the subscription remains the same, starting from 2.49€ monthly.

For those who’ve recently joined us, Vee Security and Connecto VPN are based in Estonia, the top country in the world in terms of digital freedom. Vee Security has never collaborated with any foreign government regulatory agencies, including Russia. We remain independent and we stand in defense of the interests of our users.

If you don’t like our product, we’ll return your money upon the cancellation of your subscription within the first 14 days of usage, no questions asked.

So there is no reason to not try Connecto VPN. Join us now!