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Vee Security is an Estonian information security company focused in delivering security services & software.

Trusted by more than
users around the world

Standing for your digital rights and freedoms

Vee Security already helped millions of users fighting for their privacy and freedom of communications. People from Iran, Russia, China, Turkmenistan and etc. using our services to protect themselves from censorship & government surveillance.

bytes of users’ data disclosed to the government authorities

Keeping our promises on your privacy

The best way to protect users' information from governments and intelligence agencies is to never store any information. We don't log or keep any data that may identify our users.

Our goal is to justify our users' trust by providing them with the ultimate protection in the cyberspace.
Alexander Litreev
Alexander Litreev
CEO & Co-Founder

Vee Security OÜ

Narva mnt. 5,
Tallinn, Harjumaa

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* Vee Security helped more than 2 million users all around the world to bypass regional restrictions and access Telegram Messenger via Connecto Proxy.